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All coating applications begin with the surface preparation, this is especially true for concrete coatings and overlayments.


The often asked question is, what must a concrete surface be before a coating is applied?


The answer is simple. The concrete must be C-P-S. That is, clean, profiled and sound. Any surface contaminates must be cleaned away. A profiled surface must be achieved so that the new coating can anchor adequately to the substrate.


Lastly, the concrete must be sound. Any lose, broken or deteriorated concrete must be removed and the area patched. CCI has the tools and experience to perform the job.


Whether it is shot-blasting, dust-controlled diamond grinding, scarifying, scabbling, surface scraper or jack-hammers, CCI can prepare your concrete for the coating application.




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Self Leveling Flooring

Decor Designed Fl0oring

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Heavy Duty Flooring



Dust-controlled diamond grinding


Diamond cup used with diamond grinding


Shot-blast unit

Shot-blasted surface

on left side

Scarifier removes concrete or coating

Large scale scarifier


Scabbler heads

High performance surface scraper

Concrete surface grinder

Concrete demo with

 air hammer

Concrete demo with

jack hammer


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