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Specializing in concrete floor rebuilding without tearing out old worn out flooring.



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  Trowel down Applications...

Concrete Resurfacing...

Slope to drain Applications...

Acid and Chemical Resistant Applications...

Primary and Secondary Containment Applications...



No matter how great a coating or overlayment is, unless it is applied correctly, in all likely hood it is coming up.


This is where CCI comes in, with nearly twenty years of experience applying millions of square feet of every type of concrete coating, CCI has become the true professional applicator in the industry.


Today, many concrete coating manufacturers call on CCI to apply their coating projects. Whether it is a trowel down mortar, resin rich broadcast system, vinyl ester, color quartz, cove base, an epoxy sloped floor, orange peel finish or urethane topcoat, CCI has applied them all.



Flake Flooring System

Self Leveling Flooring

Decor Designed Fl0oring

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Heavy Duty Flooring



Squeegee and backroll


Applying fiberglass for thermal shock protection


Broadcasting silica into base coat


Saw-cut joint with dust control

Applying caulking to joint

Repairing construction joint


Screening epoxy mortar

Making an epoxy berm that forklifts can go over

Trowelling novolac epoxy for chemical protection


Laying out fiberglass

scrim cloth


Broadcasted silica provides anti-slip surface

Cross and back rolling epoxy base coat


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